Why are events not always sorted by date when searching?

As usual with search filters, the search at https://eventfrog.de/en/events.html is based on the relevance of the filter used.

Screenshot 2023 06 02 at 10 42 47 Events durchsuchen Tickets finden Eventfrog

1. If you search by keyword, the search results are sorted according to the use of this word. For example, if the word you are looking for appears in the title, the corresponding event will also appear at the top. If the word appears in the event description, the events with the word in the title are displayed first and only then the events with the word in the description. There are several rules like this, which finally display the search results according to the relevance found.

2. If you search by place, the events are listed according to their distance from the place entered.

3. When searching by date, only events that take place in the selected time period are displayed. If other filters are set, this can also lead to a mixture of dates.

4. If you search for a certain category, only events in this category will be displayed.