Quick access control made easy via scanning app!

Entry – the free app for your access control

Get the Entry app now for effortless and professional admission management at your events.

🎫 Fast ticket scan + smooth admission control = beaming guests!

The app is free and runs on all popular devices. Use multiple devices at the same time for fast entry.

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Download & log in

Simply download the app (iOS or Android) and log in with your Eventfrog account.

Pairing & Scanning

Select event, pair devices and start scanning!

Overview thanks to statistics

Detailed admission statistics for check-in and check-out.

Access control – simple and fast

  • Fraud protection and category detection
  • Simultaneous admission at multiple entrances with multiple devices
  • Clear statistics for check-in and check-out
  • Additional information such as payment methods etc.
  • Offline use possible
  • Shorter queues for your guests

Cashless payment

Offer your guests a cashless payment option at the event via TWINT with Eventfrog Cashless.

  • Cash in quickly and directly - without mental arithmetic or change.
  • Maximum flexibility: You only need your smartphone to cash in.
  • Cashless revenue is transferred together with ticket revenue.

Instructions in the help section: How do I use the Entry app for cashless payments?

No smartphone? No problem!

Make your access control easy, fast and secure with our ticket scanning app "Entry". Use either private devices or rent smartphones with Eventfrog.

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