What happens with my tickets if the event is postponed?

If the event is postponed, you will be notified directly by e-mail. Your tickets will remain valid.

What happens if I cannot attend the alternative date?

If you have taken out a ticket insurance policy, it covers the following cases:

  • official summons as a witness or jury member in court,
  • Completion of military and civil defence,
  • already booked holidays,
  • a business occasion,
  • Invitation to a wedding

You can find out more about ticket insurance here >

If you have not taken out ticket insurance, please contact the event organisers. The organisers will then decide whether to refund your ticket directly.

Since the purchase contract is concluded between you and the organiser, Eventfrog as a ticketing platform cannot make any changes or cancellations.

You can contact the organiser via the contact form.

Contact organiser >