Where can I export my ticket buyers' details and can I use the data for advertising purposes?

Under «Sales» in the section «Orders, cancellations» you can «Export buyer details». In the Excel list that is generated, you will find the customer data and all the personalisation fields you have entered. The data will be made fully available to you as the organiser. However, in accordance with our GTC and legal practice, this data may only be used for the purposes of the event. It is therefore forbidden to use this data for your own newsletter or even for the sale of other products unless consent has been obtained from ticket purchasers.

Extract from the GTC:
§ 5 Personal data
(2) The data of participants will be passed on to the organisers for the purpose of admission control and the proper execution of the events. Organisers undertake to use this data only for this purpose and in particular not for further marketing purposes.

Get the consent of ticket purchasers

If you would like to contact ticket purchasers and inform them about other events or products, for example, you must obtain their consent. You can ask for explicit consent using personalisation fields when purchasing tickets.

To do this, go to the event whose data you want to use for advertising purposes and click on «Personalisation, additional fields». Dort kannst du die There you can set the personalisation and you can now set up the query via «Ja/Nein-Felder».

For example, you can ask: May I use your data for advertising purposes and contact you by email after the event?

Ticket buyers can then answer «Yes» or decline, after which you are of course not allowed to write to them.