Overview of all roles and rights

As an "organiser" or in the role of "event manager", you can assign various roles to other people. These are designed to make your life as an organiser easier. As soon as you add a role, the corresponding user will be informed by email and given access.







Admission manager

Advance booking office

Sell tickets


Admission management

  • Login "Entry-App"
  • Guest check in / out


View events / event groups


Manage orders

  • Mark / block tickets as "paid"
  • Export buyer data
  • Statistics / Billing


Cancellation of tickets


Marketing events

  • Access short URL
  • Embedding the presale on your own website
  • Booking of promotions


Sales planning

  • Schedule / stop / continue
  • Event cancellation
  • Change payment method


Edit events / event groups

  • Event details & pictures
  • Event Categories
  • Contact & bank details (admin only)


Edit ticket layout

  • Ticket details & personalisation
  • Creation of ad-free tickets
  • Creation of vouchers


Manage user roles

  • Assign roles
  • Edit roles
  • Delete roles


Postpone / cancel events


Add, edit & assign codes to tickets and access keys


Copy or delete events / event groups


Organiser:edit inside address



Rollers in detail

Which roles can be assigned as organiser / event manager?

Als Veranstalter:in bist du automatisch der Administrator deines Events. Nebst dir kann auch die Rolle «Eventmanager:in» weitere Rollen zuweisen oder bearbeiten.

Alle anderen Rollen besitzen im Gegensatz zum «Eventmanager:in» relativ wenig Rechte, die dich aber als Veranstalter:in im Ticketverkauf, beim Einlass- oder in der Administration des Events oder beim Vorverkauf unterstützen können.

Role "Event manager"

Like "Organiser", this "Event manager" role can do practically everything. The few functions that "Event manager" cannot operate:

  • Add or edit the organiser's address and bank details
  • Book cancellation insurance (only available in Switzerland)
  • Copy/delete events or event groups.

Role "Assistant"

The "Assistant:in" role can support you with ticket sales and the entire admission management (visitor check in / out). They can also manage all orders (mark tickets as "paid" / cancel / block) and export all buyer data and have access to statistics and invoices.

Role "Admission manager"

This role has few but important rights. This is because the "Entry Manager" is the first point of contact at your event and welcomes your visitors. They can therefore log into the event using the "Entry" scan app, see the entire guest list and check visitors in and out. To keep an overview of the event, the "Entry Manager" also has access to the entry statistics in the Entry app.

Role "Advance booking office"

An "advance booking office" can handle the advance booking for you as a partner. As an "organiser" or "event manager", you can add various advance booking offices. With their login, they cannot change anything about the event, only sell tickets. The revenue must therefore be settled between the "Organiser" and the "Advance booking office" themselves.