Together for culture

As an event platform, promoting culture is particularly important to us at Eventfrog, as we are convinced that culture can not only entertain, but also connect and transform. In order to secure a colourful cultural landscape for the future, we specifically support youth clubs.

Why do we donate at all?

Yes, we already offer the most affordable tool on the market and are therefore committed to the cultural scene. And we offer a platform that allows event organisers to become active themselves, have the entire event organisation in their own hands and not be ripped off in the process.

Yet, we want to do even more – very specifically and locally with Frog4Culture.

Every month, we donate 1000 euros to a youth club in Germany that you get to nominate.

Nominate a youth club

Why do we specifically support youth clubs?

Through their activities, youth clubs help to enrich the cultural landscape and are a sustainable investment in the future.

They promote new forms of cultural expression and enable young people to develop and present their own cultural identities.

Without them, there will be no culture in the future that flourishes, thrives and can be supported.

Would you like to suggest a youth club / youth centre for Frog4Culture?

Fill out the form below and nominate youth clubs that could use a donation. Anyone can take part  including the youth clubs themselves!

Together, we are shaping a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape. Support us in making cultural visions come true!

Overview of the beneficiaries

As soon as we have made the first donations, we will provide an overview of the monthly beneficiaries and their projects here. This will allow you to see the impact of your contribution and which youth clubs benefit from it.