Our flexible event packages for your successful ticket sales

Clear, simple and with no commitment to a contract

The selected event package applies per event and does not form a subscription. The packages provide full transparency and overview. In the cockpit you can always see exactly which feature belongs to which package. With the free package, you can sell tickets online at super low prices and benefit from most of the functions. The Plus package gives you access to all features, and the Pro package is completely free of advertising. Here is an overview:


  • The most important features
  • With third-party advertising


  • All features
  • With third-party advertising


  • All features
  • Without third-party advertising
  • Own ticket design


Event package
Seating plan
Sales statistics
Unlimited number of categories
Search engine optimised event page
Broad reach
Entry app
Email support
Phone support
Ticket price above 50.00 EUR
Message to ticket buyers
Hidden event
Design large ad space
Trigger payout yourself in the cockpit

All features per model can be found in the help area.

All-in-one service costs for online payments

Event package
Servicekosten bei Online-Zahlungen auf Ticketkäufer:innen übertragen free of charge free of charge free of charge
Payment handling via organiser free of charge 0,69 € per ticket 0,89 € per ticket
Service costs for online payments via Eventfrog 1,9 % of the ticket price + 0,19 € per ticket 2,9 % of the ticket price + 0,69 € per ticket 3,9 % of the ticket price + 0,89 € per ticket

Own payment handling includes payment methods such as prepayment, payments on-site, presale via own box offices, but also free tickets.

Package costs are also charged for cancelled tickets.

All prices listed are in EUR and exclude VAT.

Ticket design and ads on tickets

Event package
Use small ad spaces individually, e.g. for coupons ✔* ✔*
Use sponsoring area yourself and / or exclude third-party sponsorship
Design large ad space on the ticket
Own ticket design

* For 0.19 EUR per small ad space per ticket outside the package

Let's get started! This is how much you earn

With our price calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate your potential income.

Enter the number of tickets and the price.

Test without obligation how high your income per model is.

If the ticket price is over €50, the Plus model is automatically selected.

If you click on "without third-party advertising", your event will be included in the Pro package.

Create Event

Calculate your revenue

Online payment via Eventfrog
Transfer service costs to ticket buyers

No costs incur for tickets without online payment via Eventfrog in the Free package.

No costs incur for tickets via Eventfrog in the Free package.

No costs can be transferred without online payment via Eventfrog.

No costs incur for free tickets in the Free package.

No costs can be transferred for free tickets.

Ticket price


Sold tickets

without third-party ads
Eventfrog Pro Icon Pro

Moneybag IconRevenue

Flying Dollar Bill IconCosts

Ticket IconPrice ticket buyer

Eventfrog Free IconFree package

The most important functions

With third-party advertising

free of charge

0.19 € per Ticket + 1.9% excl. VAT

Eventfrog Plus IconPlus package

All functions

With third-party advertising

0.69 € per Ticket + 2.9% excl. VAT

0.69 € per Ticket excl. VAT

Eventfrog Pro IconPro package

All functions

Without third-party advertising

0.89 € per Ticket + 3.9% excl. VAT

0.89 € per Ticket excl. VAT

Customise your tickets

Small ad space

Use this space for your own coupons or ads. Included in Pro – in Free and Plus for 0.19 EUR per ticket sold.

Sample ticket

Sponsoring logo

Choose the Plus or Pro package to display your own sponsors and avoid third-party advertising.

Sample ticket​​​​​​

Large ad space

Free design in the Pro package: display your own ad for future events, or provide your guests with important information on the ticket.

Sample ticket

Own ticket design

Tickets in your own design can be created in the Pro package, incl. layout, your choice of colour and large ad space.

Sample ticket

Additional services

Eventfrog Cashless / Cashless payments at the event Payments via TWINT for only 0.19 EUR per transaction and 2.8% plus VAT.
Event creation or set-up of the seating plan on request
Promo codes from 80.- EUR / subsequent alterations according to agreement for 160.- EUR per hour

Refund of the entire event: flat rate of CHF 50 plus CHF 1.50 per cancelled ticket plus VAT.

Cancellation of individual tickets CHF 0.99 per ticket + 3.9 % plus VAT.

Advertising opportunities Free calendar entry / other options from 29.90 EUR


All prices listed are in EUR and exclude VAT.

Attractive advertising opportunities with Eventfrog

Simply book an ad directly after the event set-up – everything in one place and from one source!

Whether it's our own Eventfrog promotions, ads on social media or advertising in print media:

  • No effort
  • Small price
  • Broad reach
  • Big effect

You can get all that at Eventfrog!

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At weekends and on public holidays, we offer support by e-mail in urgent cases.