Ticket delivery: Can I also have my ticket sent to me by post?

Yes, for a small additional charge you can also have your tickets delivered to your home by post.

How can I select the delivery method?

As soon as you have one or more tickets in your shopping basket and click on «Checkout», you will be shown an order overview where you can select the shipping method.

Here you can choose «Delivery by post» or a digital ticket that you can access in the app or print out. Delivery by post is an additional service and subject to a charge. You will receive the e-ticket in any case and it can always be accessed under «My tickets» in your account.

How long does the delivery take?

In the German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria), the letter should usually arrive within a few days. Postal delivery is only offered if the event is far enough in the future so that the tickets should arrive on time in any case.

What happens if the delivery is late?

If the delivery is delayed or the tickets cannot be sent by post, for example because the wrong address was given, the tickets can always be accessed digitally in your account under «My tickets» : When will I receive the tickets I have purchased and can I still access them later?

How many tickets can I have delivered??

A maximum of 7 tickets can be sent by post. If you have more than seven tickets in your shopping basket, no postal delivery will be suggested.

When can I choose not to have my order sent by post?

You cannot select postal delivery if

  • you want to order more than 7 tickets
  • cannot be paid online via Eventfrog
  • your address (recipient) is outside the EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Great Britain
  • the event is in less than 3 days or 10 days outside the German-speaking countries

Can I also have Eventfrog gift cards delivered?

No, currently the Eventfrog gift cards are issued digitally.

In what form will the ticket be delivered to me?

You will receive the ticket as a printed A4 page in average paper thickness.