When will I receive the tickets I have purchased and can I access them later?


When will I receive the tickets I have purchased?

You will receive your tickets immediately after completing your order. You can access and print them out immediately after your purchase. You will also receive a link sent to your e-mail address, which you can use to access your tickets later on. You can also access your tickets at any time in your account under «My tickets». 

If this is not the case, please also check your spam / junk folder. If the order confirmation cannot be found in your spam folder either, there may be various reasons. For example, you may have entered an incorrect e-mail address or your payment may have failed. In this case, please contact our support team.

Where can I find my tickets?

You can either log in via our app or under Login with your e-mail address and the password you have set.

When you log in on the website, you will find all your orders under «My tickets».

You can also easily add your tickets to your Wallet.

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You can find your orders in the app under  «Tickets»

If you still cannot find the tickets, please contact our support team.

Then we can check why the tickets are not visible in your profile

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