What are event groups and when are they useful?


What are event groups?

With  «Event groups», several events can be combined into one group. To do this, you can create a group in the cockpit and assign the desired events to it. In addition, all events in an event series are also counted as an event group.

How do I use event groups wisely?

The use of event groups makes sense for several performances or programme days, for example. For example, if you organise a series of lectures as a group and create each individual lecture as an event that belongs to this group. However, event groups can also be useful for a club to clearly display the programme for the coming weeks/months.

The advantage of an event group is that the customer sees the entire group immediately when calling up an event. This allows visitors to select the appropriate event from the group and possibly buy tickets for several events (see image below).

If you organise events on a regular basis, ticket buyers can always find out about new events via the event group.

It is also helpful for your communication because you can then only share/link to the event group and do not have to list each event individually.

How do I create an event group?

Log in with your Eventfrog account. Click on «Create group» under «Events». You can only create a group if you have more than one event.


Give the group a title and assign the desired events to it. You can find events using the search field.

Confirm your selection by clicking on «Save group».

If you now edit the group, you can make further settings.

For example, you can add or remove further events:

What setting options do I have for event groups?

Once you have created the event group and then edited it (see image below), you can customise the title, description and image.

If you click on the arrow to the right of the button, all events in the group will open. You can access the individual events via this view.

You can also remove or add individual events from the group and display a preview.

Under «Short URL, embed» you will find the option to define a short URL. There is also an embed code and a button for integrating the group on your website.

Can I delete an event group without deleting the individual events?

Yes, if you delete a group, only the grouping is cancelled. No events are deleted. You can also create a new group at any time.

Please note that if you delete a group and create a new one, the link will also change, even if you group the same events.