Scan colours: What do the colours mean when scanning tickets?

The colour after scanning symbolises the validity and status or special feature of a ticket. The colours are selected according to the traffic light system. Green signals when everything is OK, orange when you need to pay attention to something special and red when a ticket is invalid. Always pay attention to the text that is displayed to get more detailed information.

In summary, the following colours are displayed in the corresponding cases:


  • In check-in mode: The scanned ticket is valid
  • In check-out mode: The ticket has been checked out
colour scan I


  • The ticket still has to be paid for (payment on site)
  • The ticket was purchased with a subcategory for which it may still be necessary to check on site whether the ticket purchaser is authorised to purchase this subcategory (e.g. student ID, children under 16, etc.)
Check pay on site I


  • The ticket is invalid (e.g. wrong event)
  • Incorrect checkpoint
  • The ticket has already been read in (duplicate)
  • The ticket has not yet been checked in or has already been checked out (in check-out mode)
colour scan III