InnoPrix SoBa 2016

Ticketfrog is already convincing in its founding year

On 22 November 2016, Ticketfrog AG was named the winner of the InnoPrix SoBa 2016 at the Stadttheater in Olten. We are delighted to receive this prestigious award.  With over 50,000 tickets sold and more than 500 events successfully organised in a very short space of time, Ticketfrog has proven that it can be successful on the market.

A successful first round of financing is further proof that investors also believe in Ticketfrog's potential.

The Solothurner Zeitung reports (23.11.2016)

The jury is convinced

The InnoPrix SoBa jury is certain that Ticketfrog will fundamentally change the world of online ticketing with our innovative, disruptive business model. The triple win situation for event organisers, ticket buyers and advertising partners convinced the jury:

  1. Event organisers will be able to sell tickets free of charge.
  2. Advertising partners are provided the opportunity to advertise regionally.
  3. Ticket buyers benefit from cheaper tickets because event organisers do not pass on any fees.