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How to successfully build an event community - Eventfrog Blog

Create buzz before, during and after the event: Building a community around your events is a great way to engage your audience and boost ticket sales. We'll show you how to build and strengthen a bond with your (potential) ticket buyers.

Community describes a group of people who, for example, share the same interests or pursue a common goal. In this sense, the event community refers to your regular guests who frequently attend your events and would be interested in hearing more from you. As an event organizer, you can create touchpoints for your event community throughout the year and build a sense of community between you and the event participants to ensure that they look forward to your events, continue to attend them and recommend them to others.

Retention thanks to added value

The content matters - whether on social media or the newsletter. In any case, it is important that it brings added value to your community. The aim is to get your community excited about your events and your brand outside of the actual event date.

Our tips for building and maintaining an event community:

  • Start early: Use social media, newsletters or other channels to reach out to potential attendees and get them excited about your event.
  • Offer rewards: : Give away additional tickets, food and drink vouchers or merchandise in newsletters or on social media. This way, followers benefit from exclusive goodies.
  • Create Interaction with your community on your channels - for example with updates, challenges, photo reviews or quizzes about your events, your event location or your event brand.
  • Inform your community in advance about pre-sales and offer them exclusive discounts, e.g. via early-bird tickets and restricted categories. This will encourage them to buy tickets and recommend the event to others.
  • Create surveys about your event and let your community help shape your content. This will help you find out what is important to your visitors and show that you value their input.
  • Get in touch with your regional community and use certain locations or the event venue as a pre-sale point and provide them with flyers & posters (cross-media marketing).
  • During the event: Share pictures & videos promptly so that even those who are not there feel close to the action - and buy a ticket next time.

Positive emotions for strong relationships

Focusing on feelings and evoking emotions in communication is more of a general tip but ensures that your content stands out more and is memorable. Authentic, humorous and exciting content scores particularly well on social media. A look behind the scenes of your event preparation or set-up creates a new perspective and piques curiosity. A story with several parts and interactive stickers builds up an arc of suspense that entices people to keep watching. Photos & videos from past events create positive emotions and anticipation for the next event.

Above all, you should focus on regular posts so that you don't fall into oblivion and get lost in the mass of content. To keep them varied, games and surveys are a good way to encourage users to participate. 

Event Community

Build a community with Eventfrog

You can use our platform directly to build your community, as you already interact with your ticket buyers via Eventfrog. And we don't just mean buying tickets ;-)

There are direct and indirect forms. For example, it will help you a lot if you include contact details, social media links and your website in the event details. This way, your ticket buyers can interact directly with you on your channels and become followers.

You can also contact ticket buyers directly via email and send them newsletters. Please note: You can only inform them about future events or products of yours if you obtain their consent(> To the data protection help article). You can do this with the help of a query in the purchase process (mit with personalization fields). Once you have their consent, you can send them exciting content and additional information via email.

We hope these tips will help you build and maintain your event community. With your events, you create emotions - emotions that you can use sustainably for yourself and your event brand to remain relevant throughout the year and not just on the event date alone. 

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