What is scanner standby and can I use it to save my smartphone battery?


What is a scanner stand-by?

If you do not scan a ticket for more than 30 seconds, the camera switches to sleep mode to save your battery. To continue, you can tap the screen and the scanner will immediately become active again.

You can shorten or extend the time until sleep mode is activated in the settings under Scanner stand-by.

How else can I save my smartphone battery?

Using Eventfrog "Entry" can increase your battery consumption. The following tips & tricks should ensure that the worst doesn't happen, and you don't suddenly find yourself at the entrance without a battery:

  1. Start at 100%: Make sure that smartphones are fully charged before entering.
  2. Close all other apps: Every additional app you open reduces battery life. This also includes apps with background activities and automatic updates (e.g. Facebook Messenger, but also email programmes).
  3. Reduce the screen brightness to the minimum.
  4. Use your smartphone's energy-saving mode.
  5. Switch from scan mode to the statistics or ticket overview during short breaks. If there are no visitors for a longer period of time, switch to the lock screen.
  6. Almost at 0%? With longer admission times, the tips & tricks may not be enough. Be prepared and take a charger, a spare smartphone or, if necessary, a power bank with you to the event.