How do I create a ticket category and add variants or discounts?


How do I create a ticket category?

When you create an event, after completing the first form (from event title to start date/end date), you will be forwarded directly to the ticket categories by clicking "Next".

Here you can enter the first category (e.g. "Standing room") in the description, enter a price (in EUR) and add the number of seats.

Varianten oder Ermässigungen eng 1

If you want to add another category (e.g. seats), you can click on "Add category". Add discounted or premium tickets of the same category (e.g. VIP, students) with "Add variant / discount".

Once you have entered all categories, click on "Save".

Varianten oder Ermässigungen eng 2

If you have already created your event and want to add another category later, then log in with your Eventfrog account and edit the desired event. Under "Tickets & seating plan" in the "Ticket categories, seating plan" section, you can add further categories or edit existing categories.

How do I add a variant / reduction?

Edit the desired event. You can edit the categories under "Tickets & seating plan" in the "Categories, seating plan" section.

Varianten oder Ermässigungen eng 3

Click on "Add variant" to create a subcategory.

Varianten oder Ermässigungen eng 4

Enter the name and the price and save the adjustments.

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Please note that the subcategory always refers to the main category, i.e. the main category and subcategory appear on the ticket. We therefore advise against naming a main category "Adults" and the sub-category "Children", for example, as the sub-category will then be declared as "Adults, Children". It is better to call the main category "Seating" or "Standing", as the title of the sub-category will then be "Seating, children" and is therefore much more meaningful.