How can I influence the visibility of my categories?

To change the visibility of a category, edit your event design and call up the categories. Edit these and click on "Options" for the desired category. Under the "Visibility" tab, you now have the following options for setting the visibility:

Visible to all
Anyone who calls up the event will see this category and can buy tickets for it.

Only visible internally (organiser, event manager and assistant)
This means that only you, as the organiser, can see this category and buy tickets in this category in advance.

Visible for advance booking offices and organisers, event managers and assistants
This means that only you as the organiser and the advance booking offices you have entered can see this category and buy tickets in this category via advance booking.

Time-controlled visibility
Use this option if you only want to display the category in a specific time period.

Protected with an access key

This means that ticket buyers will only see this category if they enter an access key. For more information, see "Protect categories with an access key".

The visibility of categories can only be influenced for events without a seating plan. It is not possible to hide seats in the seating plan.

If you have already sold or blocked tickets, you can unfortunately no longer adjust the visibility of your categories yourself, but our support team will be happy to help you.

Please note that as an organiser you can always see:in every category, regardless of which visibility is set. So if you want to check which view an online buyer has, log out first before you call up the event.