My event has been set as "hidden" and is still displayed on Google, why?

If you publish an event as "public" and only later change it to «hidden» your event may still be displayed in Google's search results. To remove this entry from Google, you must submit a request to Google to delete your page from the searchable index.

IMPORTANT: Before you send your request, make sure that your event is already set to invisible or unpublished.

1. send your enquiry to Google.

Navigate to Google's page for removing outdated content.

2. enter your event URL on Google.

The field for entering the URL of your event is located at the bottom of the "Remove outdated content" section.

Enter the URL of your event in the field and then click on "Request removal".

3. wait until Google has analysed the URL.

Once this process is complete, a pop-up window will appear confirming that the content is no longer available on the website. Then click again on "Request removal" in the bottom left corner of the pop-up.

Another pop-up window should appear, confirming that the removal request has been received by Google.

4. track the status of your enquiry.

You can now track the status of your enquiry on the main page.