What does "advance ticket sales" mean? Are there public advance booking offices such as the post office and can I set up advance booking offices myself?


What does "pre-selling tickets" mean?

With the "Presale tickets" function, you operate as a "presale point" and can sell tickets and collect cash. If you have stored a personalisation, this will also be requested in the presale, unless you have set up the settings so that the personalisation is only requested for online purchases.

Incidentally, you can also pre-sell tickets yourself before the official start of sales and publication. 

You can find the "Presale" function in the main menu of your user account. Only tickets that you have pre-sold are listed there. Tickets sold online are displayed under "Orders, cancellations" for the respective event. The presale function is already included in the free model. However, there are costs per ticket sold if the event is in the Plus or Pro model.

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Can I set up advance booking offices myself?

Yes, you can also set up locations / people as advance booking offices yourself by granting them the appropriate access and assigning them the role of "advance booking office". We show you how to assign roles here >



How many intervention options does an "advance booking office" have?

The "advance booking office" only has access to the events you have assigned. They can select and pre-sell tickets for these events. However, they do not have access to the cockpit for organisers and cannot change or adjust anything in the event.

You can see which rights and accesses advance booking offices have in this overview. To the overview >


How and when do I receive the proceeds from my advance booking office?

Tickets are paid for directly via the advance booking office. You can settle the account with the advance booking office yourself (e.g. by bank transfer). In the cockpit under "Orders" or in the "Statistics" you can see at any time how many tickets have been sold by the respective advance booking office.

As an organiser, how can I pre-sell tickets myself?

Log in to the Cockpit and call up "Advance booking" in the main menu. Click on "Pre-sale tickets" for the desired event.


The categories will now be displayed. Select the desired number of tickets and confirm your selection by clicking on "Sell now".


If you have added a personalisation to this event, it will be requested in the next step. Otherwise, this step will be skipped.


The sale is now complete, and you will receive an overview of the tickets sold. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Print tickets".
  2. A PDF file will open.
  3. Print this out.
  4. Hand the printed tickets to the customer.

This concludes the sales process.

Please note:
Ticket purchasers do not receive an order confirmation for pre-sales. If you use the "Confirm mobile number" function, your ticket buyers will not receive an email asking them to confirm their mobile numbers. You can actively inform your ticket buyers that they can confirm their mobile number by sending an SMS with a ticket ID to the number +41 76 601 35 65 in Switzerland or +49 175 554 7040 in Germany.


Here you will find instructions for confirming the mobile number for ticket purchasers: to the instructions >

Can I use the "Pre-sell tickets" function to set up a ticket office?

Yes, you can set up an on-site ticket office as a supplement to online sales in advance via " Pre-sales". In this tutorial, we show you the options and how to integrate cashless payments:

Can I also set up a box office for my event?