How do I buy tickets by prepayment?

In addition to the payment methods, which are handled online via Eventfrog, there is also the option of transferring purchase amounts directly to the organiser.

For this payment method, you have to select «Prepayment» when purchasing tickets.

This payment method can only be selected if the organiser offers it:

Wie kaufe ich Tickets per Vorkasse eng 2

In the check-out during the payment process, you can only select the payment method if you do not want to insure your tickets (deselect insurance) and you choose not to make a small donation to Eventfrog.

wie kaufe ich Tickets per Vorkasse eng 1

When completing the order, you will be shown the organiser's transfer details and the payment deadline.

You will receive your tickets by email once you have completed your order. The email will contain all the important details for the bank transfer.

Please transfer the amount of your purchase to the organiser within the payment deadline. Otherwise your tickets will be cancelled.