As an organiser, can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel both complete orders and individual tickets from an order.

To do this, log in with your account and edit the corresponding event. Under «Sales» in the «Orders, cancellations» section, you can now search for the relevant order (e.g. using the name of the buyer). Click on the arrow next to the order to expand the order.

Now you can either cancel the entire order by clicking on «Cancel order» or cancel individual tickets from an order by clicking on «Cancel ticket».

If you decide in favour of a full refund, ticket purchasers will receive a full refund of the ticket price.

Please note: This amount does not include ticket insurance or donations.

If you have included refund costs in the GTC, you can now claim these and enter them as deductions.

stornierung part i

The refund of orders and tickets via Eventfrog will cost you 3.9 % of the ticket price + 0.99 Euro per ticket excluding VAT.

To initiate the refund, click on «Cancel now for a fee».

The costs for the refund will be deducted from your event revenue.

If your event revenue is not high at the time of cancellation, no refund can be made. In this case, you must refund the ticket price to the ticket buyer yourself.

In this case, the following message appears:

stornierung II

Is there a right of cancellation for tickets and do I have to refund them in any case?

In principle, there is no right of cancellation for event tickets. As soon as a ticket has been sold and confirmed via Eventfrog, the purchase contract is binding. This means that the buyer is obliged to accept the tickets and pay for them immediately.

However, we offer ticket buyers the opportunity to request a cancellation and recommend that event organisers be accommodating and grant this, as the tickets can be resold directly.