What are the all-in-one service costs?


What are service costs at Eventfrog and how are they made up?

The all-in-one service costs include the transaction costs of 2.3% of the ticket price, which were previously borne by ticket buyers, and the event model costs of organisers.

All-in-one service costs for online payments

Event packages

Service costs for online payments transferred to ticket buyers free of charge free of charge free of charge
Own payment handling free of charge 0,69 € per ticket 0,89 € per ticket
Service costs for online payment via Eventfrog 1.9 % of the ticket price + € 0.19 per ticket 2.9 % of the ticket price + € 0.69 per ticket 3.9 % of the ticket price + € 0.89 per ticket


Our own payment processing includes the following payment methods: advance payment, payment on site for day and evening box offices, advance sale via our own advance booking offices, but also free tickets.

What does own payment processing mean?

Online payments via Eventfrog are excluded from our own payment processing. This means that the following payment methods can be selected for your own payment processing: Advance payment, on-site payment for day and evening box office, advance sale via own advance booking offices.

How much does ticketing cost me?

How much ticketing ultimately costs depends on which package you choose for your event, whether you allow online payments via Eventfrog and whether you bear the service costs yourself or pass them on.

How much do ticket buyers pay when purchasing tickets via Eventfrog?

Ticket buyers pay the ticket price. The previous transaction costs are now no longer applicable. If you decide to transfer the service costs to your ticket buyers, these will be added to the ticket price.